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About Us

LUCE Natural Skincare is a small business located in southern New South Wales near the Snowy Mountains, Australia. The philosophy of our business is to hand make and market high quality skin and hair care products using natural and organic ingredients. Utilising locally sourced and Australian ingredients where possible our products are made using genuine high quality plant oils, 100% pure essential oils including some Australian native essential oils and certified organic & wild crafted botanicals of the highest freshest quality.

LUCE and the environment

LUCE Natural Skincare is 100% Australian owned and our our products are manufactured with the help of nature. We make use of solar renewable energy to make our products. Our rainwater is captured in our water tanks, filtered and used in our soap products. Our products are packaged in glass and PET plastic, materials that can be recycled.

LUCE formulations

All our products have been specially formulated using only quality raw ingredients to make our products. We do NOT use *pre-prepared commercial bases (eg. lotion base, cream base, soap base, shampoo base etc) to which a few ingredients are added to make a saleable product. We have full control over making the whole product from start to finish. We know and understand the benefits each ingredient brings to the finished product. Each product has been carefully packaged and each labelled with a complete ingredient listing.

Some of our products do contain beeswax, honey, yoghurt and/or goatsmilk. Apart from these ingredients we do NOT use any other animal ingredients. None of our products are tested on animals, our products are cruelty free.


* Pre-prepared bases manufactured by another company not by the business selling the product.

Ingredients we will NOT use

Because we want our products to be as natural as possible we will NOT use ingredients that are known to cause skin irritations. Therefore there are NO synthetic fragrances, NO synthetic colours,  NO petroleum-based ingredients, NO sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), NO parabens, NO formaldehyde or formaldehyde releaser ingredients (eg. DMDM Hydantoin, Diazolidinyl Urea) in our products.


LUCE Natural Soaps have been created using the traditional "Cold Process" soap-making method in which oils are either processed at room temperature or if necessary gently heated so their valuable properties are not destroyed. We only use high quality cold pressed plant oils, pure essential oils, herb and vegetable colourants and pure rainwater to create the LUCE range. LUCE handmade soaps are rich in glycerin which means they are gentle on the skin. Glycerin is highly desirable in helping reduce moisture loss so your skin will feel soft and smooth for longer.  All soaps are cured for a minimum of four weeks.

The cold pressed base oils used in LUCE soaps include olive, macadamia, coconut, palm, avocado, hempseed,  almond and apricot oils.  Further moisturising and richness is achieved by the addition of extra amounts of avocado, apricot, almond and/or wheat-germ oil, cocoa butter or shea nut butter to create a luxurious, moisturising, lathering soap.

100% pure essential oils in various blends or just on their own are used in LUCE soaps. Essential oils include Australian native plant oils eg. lemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora), peppermint gum (Eucalyptus dives).

Calendula, rosemary, white sage, lavender bud, rose petals, jojoba meal, paprika, alkanet root, and citrus rind in various combinations contribute texture and colour to LUCE soaps.

Skin and Hair Care

LUCE Natural Skincare includes: creams, lotions and serums for the face, body lotions and butters, hand creams, lip balms, face and body mists & sugar scrubs.

LUCE Skincare products for the face, body and hands have been specially formulated using high quality pure plant oils & butters, botanical extracts, proteins & vitamins and pure essential oils selected for their moisturising and protection properties. Key ingredients used in the LUCE Skincare range include: certified organic oils of  avocado (Australian), rosehip & coconut, African Fair Trade certified organic shea butter, certified organic cocoa butter, macadamia (Australian) oil, olive squalane, plant extracts of carrot, calendula, green tea, papaya & rosemary, vitamin B5, vitamin E. Plant derived ingredients include emulsifiers and thickeners (food grade). The preservative system utilised in all LUCE skin and hair products is free of parabens and formaldehyde releaser ingredients (eg. DMDM Hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea).

LUCE Natural Haircare range includes shampoo, conditioner and conditioning treatments.

LUCE Hair products have been specially formulated using a combination of plant hydrosols, plant oils, vitamins & proteins, pure essential oils, plant derived surfactants (for cleansing) and emulsifiers. Ingredients have been selected for their mildness, emollient and conditioning properties. LUCE hair products are free of sodium lauryl sulfate (known skin irritant) and sodium laureth sulfate.

Herbal Care

LUCE Herbalcare range include specially formulated creams, serums and balms using herb infused oils of Australian extra virgin olive oil and certified organic Australian avocado oil. The herbs used in LUCE herbal products have been selected for their known beneficial properties. Both oils have been triple infused with these beneficial herbs before being used in LUCE herbal products, a process which may take up to 8 days.

Contact & Business Details

Trading name: LUCE Natural Skincare (ABN 58 973 551 015)
NICNAS registration number: 10448
Telephone: 0417 268 864
Address: 663 Mittagang Road, BINJURA, NSW. 2630

Customers looking at LUCE products
Customers looking at LUCE products